Checklist for a Successful Office Move

It’s All About the Details

Moving a company to a new location whether it is in a new city or just to another floor in the same building is full of challenges. Integra understands the obstacles and opportunities your company is facing and we developed a timeline to provide an overview of the moving process and a best practices guide with tips to help you avoid the pitfalls along the way. This week, we focus on the important details that your team should track when moving your IT infrastructure with a checklist. Use it to begin working with your IT team and work with other groups to develop their specific checklists.

Your IT infrastructure is vital to the operations of your company. IT is one of the most complex areas to move since there are many details involved. Our checklist focuses on four areas for an IT move:

  • Build Your Move Team – Minimize business disruptions during the move as well as make improvements that can result in savings and more efficient processes by working with your IT team as early as possible.
  • Evaluate the New Site – Make a thorough evaluation of the new site to help you understand the extent of changes needed.
  • Assess Your Technology and Equipment – Know the current state of your technology, infrastructure and equipment before making decisions on what to change, replace or discontinue.
  • Confirm Your Business Continuity Plan – Keep your business running by being prepared for move-related problems by making sure you have backups for all of your company’s critical data and systems.

In addition to identifying tasks, you can also align your project timeline with your checklist(s) to add due dates to tasks and assign priorities. Review the tasks regularly with your team, adding new items as needed and checking off items as they are completed. Besides providing an easy way to track and communicate your project’s progress, the checklist is a great tool to help put focus on the details that contribute to a successful move with minimal downtime.

Need Additional Help?

Integra’s experienced team can answer your IT relocation questions and work with you to design an infrastructure that meets the future needs of your new site. For help with your move, contact Integra.